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Artificial Intelligence Toilets - TC Gumby - 09-05-2014 02:15 PM

I love Japan for its anachronistic ways.

Just take a peek into a public toilet in Japan to really experience “Japan, The Enigma”. What do you see?

In one stall, you see the ancient, Indian-type squat toilet, and in the next stall over, you walk in and see a super high-tech toilet that has a top that automatically opens up for you and purrs with a sleek robotic buzz. As soon as you sit down, the seat begins to warm up to a comfortable temperature. After you finish doing your duty, you can press a button that commands the toilet to wash and dry your bum for you! It's amazing!

That experience and looking at the smorgasbord of old and new architecture in Tokyo always makes me think of Japan as a Mexico that suddenly had a ton of money dropped on it from the skies.

Anyone else have any other interesting Japan-high-tech experiences they wanna share?